Waldron Island

Waldron Island is a quiet, unincorporated community in San Juan County not far from the Canadian Border.  The island is classified as a limited development district and is notable for lacking any utilities including power and running water.  Waldron Island is owned completely by private individuals or land trusts; the only public buildings or access are the Post Office and the Public Dock in Cowlitz Bay.  There is no ferry service to Waldron Island; an airstrip, the Public Dock, and private docks for individuals provide the only access.

The residents of Waldron Island prefer their simple, woodland life and actively supported prohibitions against large homes, paved roads, and public utilities as well as commercial development.  This lends Waldron a pastoral environment where noise and air pollution are practically non-existent and much of the island’s forest and grassland remain undisturbed.

The San Juan Preservation Trust manages several conservation areas on Waldron around Cowlitz Bay. These trusts are open to the public; however, no running water or restroom facilities are available.  Waldron Island also hosts its own schoolhouse and public utility assistance is available when needed from nearby Orcas Island.

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